Osho…my sannyas,

I first heard about Osho from my son. He was in India touring around the country and ended up at the ashram in Pune. At first I had terrible visions of my son shaving his head, wearing red robes and giving up his freedom to join some wierd ass cult.I was all the way on the other side of the world, how would I protect him….my “Mom”  mind started spinning.  I freaked out. Why? I am an open minded hippy from the 60’s, why would I have such a reaction? He happened to call home for a birthday or Mothers Day or something, and I’ll never forget it he said…”Mom, just go buy a book of his and read it, and then we’ll talk”

I immediately went to The Bodi Tree in L.A. and found about 40 books by this Osho fellow. I read and fell instantly in love, this man was saying everything I had felt, and opened my mind to open thinking, and more importantly NO thinking, just meditation.

Well that was the beginning of my life long love affair, and why I became a sannyasin.

Thanx T I am eternally grateful,

love, Mom



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