My dogs…

I have had some amazing dogs in my life. I love dogs, they give you everything they’ve got. They are always there to make you feel good, just a smile and they light up.

Asia was my very first Golden Retriever when I moved into my first apartment. I finally found her after visiting about 4 shelters. I saw a golden puppy in the back of the cage, I called to her, she turned smiled and came running full force at me only to skid and slide thru a huge diarrhea deposit……I knew she was for me. We had so much fun on the beach chasing packs of seagulls, her only downside…. she used to poop in my shower….haaaa. Then I met my husband we moved into a big house by the beach and she had a yard, she was always happy.

LuLu was my Mom’s dog. She was a very large light Golden retriever and came from a wonderful Golden family line. We picked her out together. When my Mom was sick with a brain tumor she asked that I always take care of Lulu. My Mom died and Lulu became my shadow. I was with her until the day she died……it was a terrible day, it was like I was losing my Mom all over again. Lulu died in my arms at home, laying next to my bed. Damn I loved that ol’ dog.

I now have Baily….The Zen Warrior. I went looking for a cat to kill the ground squirrels in the back yard. If you don’t keep the squirrel population down you end up with rattlesnakes coming to eat the squirrels. So you have to take away their food source, such is the circle of life. I went to get a cat, and low and behold came back with a scroungy sweet faced cocker/terrier mix. He is an absolute Zen Warrior in the house….mellow, silent, patient, loving. When he gets outside around other dogs he turns into the tasmanian devil….ALL EXCEPT for Cotton Candy, a very small dog across the street that looks just like Bailey but is PURPLE! yep that is correct! I think Bailey is finally in love.

I do love dogs so much….


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