Airbrush photo realism

People always ask me can you paint realistically????. Can I? Yes, …….example above…. but at the moment I choose to work abstractly. There are a myriad of reasons. One being I taught how to use an airbrush for years, and after you’ve used a very technical tool for so long it’s just really great to loosen up and paint with a brush, fingers, whatever gets it done. A more hands on approach was what I really needed at this moment. I will return to the airbrush again some day. There is NO way you can get the fine gradient painting you have with an airbrush. The above painting was a remembrance I had of my grandmothers house. She had these old rose stickers that were wonderful. I like the way this one shows the evolution of the rose.

Above is ROSE…..48 x 60 acrylic on canvas done in 2004


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