the organic artist



This is despair and anguish dripping off of ones body. This piece 2 pieces each 14x 17 on paper and titled….”The complexities of despair”

When you are in despair the details evolve, they entice each other into a delicious dance. It evolves, if you can rid yourself of it, does it slip away slowly or can you feel it dripping off of you, leaving you slowly? Do you ever become enveloped in despair. Unable to move? Frozen and petrified of staying in the death match while something terrible battles inside you? try to do a visualization of despair dripping away. Try to release it. ALLOW your body to release it. Envision this piece of art and your despair will leave dropping those complicated thoughts and feelings behind you….just allow that to happen. Dive into freedom. Thanks to Teresa I was able to talk this thru.


7 thoughts on “the organic artist

  1. Yikes. Very descriptive.

    Deb, I was telling my husband that before I saw your work, I never really appreciated abstract art. I do now. Thanks to you.

    Thank you for opening my eyes to a world that I have never really seen before…

    • WOW thanks, that says a lot. I really appreciate you saying that. Abstract art says so much, it’s about emotions, emoting, about feeling, consciousness, blindness, overcoming fear, expressing joy….you get my drift. If you read some abstract artists statements you will be floored at the complexities that were in the mind of the artist. An abstract painting speaks volumes if you are there to listen.

  2. Yes, I “see” that now. Amazing, brilliant stuff. Maybe I was too shallow before to notice it.

    Yep – shallow. I admit it.

    Thanks for bringing me into the “deep” πŸ˜‰

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