Sister Wives…

14 x 17 pen and ink on paper

“Sister Wives”

For some odd reason I’m really fascinated by the Polygamist family show “Sister Wives”  This is my impression of the show, and some of the things that came out of their mouths. I’ve been listening to dialogue a lot and fascinated by only hearing some of it. I draw or crochet at night sometimes the TV is on and I drift and get bits and pieces. It makes me understand why some people don’t communicate well, they don’t hear everything and then respond emotionally to what they think they’ve heard. It’s usually all wrong, rather like the children s game of telephone, where you repeat a saying from one person to the next and end up with something so different. I think that happens a lot with people.


5 thoughts on “Sister Wives…

  1. I agree with your commentary here. It doesn’t only happen in families – tho. Seems to be happening everywhere lately.

    I’ve noticed lately that when I ask someone a question – they respond by answering a questions I didn’t ask. Then, they ramble.

    Then, I repeat the question – and they do it again. Until I stop them mid-sentence, they don’t seem to notice that they’re doing this.

    Weird. I’m not sure if I’m doing it, too. But, because this is going on around me, I find myself focusing on what’s being said – more than I used to.

    Very weird.

    Fascinating piece of artwork. I am absolutely in awe of your commitment to a piece like this.

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