inks…..cross the creek

14 x 17  “there’s something about that creek”   pen and ink

Every time I walk to  the creek I’m inspired. Today was no different There are those little squiggley things that float and dart across the water, they look like they’re dancing. Then there’s the growth, new mixed with old and dead, does this say something about our vulnerability? Are we just here for a passing moment to be overtaken by the new? Yes, I think so. When you look at the universe and it’s vastness, this moment at the creek is but an grain of sand, not even that big,  in the scheme of things….makes you feel so tiny… fleeting… lucky we are here. I like seeing life thru the microscope, and with relish wait to see another afternoon like this, and hear the frogs in the creek……life is golden.


2 thoughts on “inks…..cross the creek

    • Thnx, Teresa although I make a concerned effort to make it as beautiful as it is, I do have my moments like anyone else…currently it is my Thyroid! Ugh I had no idea the tiny thyroid had so much power over your entire well-being.

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