monster in the yard…

I like these small 12×12 pieces of canvas paper on a tablet. I’m so use to working big when I paint it’s nice to be able to do something quick, and still feel like you are painting. I love finding new materials to make art with. The best place is the hardware store, oh how the mind spins crazy in there. If it weren’t for the budget I’m sure there could be a 40 foot dinosaur made from hoses and nuts bolts, plastic thingamajigs, and other oddities sitting right now in my backyard. I’ve always looked up to people who build monstroscity anythings in their backyards, it just seems like a worthwhile life pleasure to create something that all the kids in the neighborhood, go “Oh wow” over.




4 thoughts on “monster in the yard…

  1. I’ve always been intrigued by these sculptures (?) people make out of odds and ends, the coat the entire piece with a uniform color. I attempt to do this graphically, on the computer, with the Bryce program.

    It’s fun to fool around with. 🙂

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