Japanese giggles and frozen peas….

12 x 12 acrylic, ink on canvas paper                                         4Japan

I feel so bad for the Japanese people having to go through the trauma they are. The thought comes to me though, what a calm and peaceful place Japan is usually. I’m talking about the misty countryside, the rice growing terraced up the hills, all the green. The silence of a Buddhist temple, these are the pictures I have in my mind. When I think about the Japanese people I laugh, I use to live in Hawaii, and we would sit on the beach and just crack up at the tourists. The Japanese women were especially enchanting, gigling, and snapping photos of each other. There was a place that is a big tourist scuba location, there are tons of fish there. We use to stop at the store and buy bags of frozen peas. Then we would swim out into the water and wait for an unsuspecting group of tourists. We would wait until just the right moment and then throw with great force our frozen peas to hit the water hard right around the tourists. Well, this would make the schools of fish go crazy! They would come in huge churning schools and flock to the sound of the peas hitting the water, completely surrounding the tourists as they screamed and laughed, some ran out of the water, and some just stood amazed. Of course all the while the cameras snapped away. I hope this tragedy has not taken the Japanese peoples joy away, I’m pretty sure it hasn’t. They are awfully resilient as history has shown. I send them a small bit of peace from my heart.

A donation from every sale in my Etsy store is for japan and the Red Cross.



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