the talking trash can….

Happy Mothers Day to all you hard working Mom’s out there. !

My Mom isn’t here any more, she left this world and is on to the next. When she was here she was the happiest person. She NEVER had a bad thing to say about anyone. People loved her, and always said Bette, you are so sweet. She was a great Mom. She made me a birthday cake that looked like our swimming pool, it had gooey turquoise icing and all. She was also a professional way back when women didn’t usually work. She showed me that you could have it all. You could stay home, bake, raise kids, or go to work. She actually taught me how to hail a cab in New York City when I was 5 yrs. old. She taught me how to get on the phone, order room service, and what to tip the doorman. She also taught me how to be kind and loving to people, and always to laugh at myself. To laugh at the tough times in life, and that I was made of a very tough fabric that wove deep in the women in our family. My Mom taught me to look at ladybugs, rain drops, and moon beams. She showed me the importance of being a friend, and how to make a mean cheeseburger.

One trip we stayed at a hotel in San Diego, right in the center of town. It was located on a town square that we could see from our 10th floor window. Once we got settled and looked out the window, she got a glint in her eye, said “I’ll be right back” and took off out the door. I knew to stay there, she was up to something.

She came back in and grabbed the phone, going to the window to look out on the town square below. She opened the window sat on the ledge and said “Listen to this”……She was dialing a number and pointed to the phone down below in the park. Soon a man came to answer it. My Mom proceeded to tell him that he was on “Candid Camera” a hidden camera game show, and that if he could convince people to go over and talk to the trash can, that he would win a prize! Little did he know we were watching him from 10 floors up hysterically laughing as he tried one person after the next to try and get them to go “talk” to the trash can. My Mom could get anybody to do any thing, it was her infectious  belief in herself….something I was so glad to have inherited.

Well, I was hysterical….great big gobs of tears ran down my face, I had to stifle my laughter for fear they would hear in the background. That went on for hours, ringing the phone, me doubled over in laughter, and my Mom doing her best to sound like a host of a TV show, we got people to participate all afternoon……THAT was my Mom at her finest. That is what made her the best Mom in the world. That’s what made her my best friend.

She was a great woman.

I will never forget her.

Thanx, Bette


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