French music melts…….

I don’t know about you, but French music melts me. I put it on when I paint. It takes me right to Paris, and I’m swept away.

17 x 22 acrylic, paper, ink, on board

French music melts”


2 thoughts on “French music melts…….

  1. My Organic Artist, I could not agree with you more about French music. Ohhh how I love France Gall, Etienne Daho, Francoise Hardy or Charlotte Gainsbourg to name a few. I particularly like the 60’s French pop sound. But my favorites I think are the classic Edith Piaf and Isabelle Aurbret. Check out my 30 Day Song Challenge posts. Day 6 asks the question what is a song that reminds you of somewhere? IIn response, I uploaded a cool video of Isabelle Aubret that you would probably like. And yes I have the pleasure of going to Paris once.

    I am also glad I enlarged your collage, I was able to see that great texture in your piece. This has to be my favorite.

    • YES! Someone who gets it! On AOL radio there is an international section, and you can type in French classic favorites….I pretend I’m in Montmarte painting next to Toulouse for the day. I have been to Paris many times and it never gets old…the most romantic city in the world.

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