the ART of being a kid….

Kids in Malibu are lucky. They’ve got polywogs, creeks, grass, clean air, frogs, horses, the beach amongst other things. I wish ALL kids had the opportunity to play and run free. I think about the kids in east L.A. who have to worry about being shot when they’re playing in their front yards….why is this? Why such an un-balance? It’s really amazing to me that there are some inner city kids who have never even seen the ocean and they live withing 45 min. of the beach….I don’t get it. Then I started thinking about the children in poor third world countries. Begging and scraping food off plates in back alleys. Wow, it’s really mind boggling that 2 different childrens lives could be so different.

I really love being surrounded by these little beings, they are so special to my heart.


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