Late garden….


I didn’t plant my garden until late this year, so we will see. The ground squirrels and gophers, rabbits have wondered if there will be any goodies this year. I’ve planted…cantalope, zucchini, straight squash, crook neck squash, honey dew melons, big boy tomato, roma tomato, and celebrity tomato, red, yellow, green, and orange peppers, anaheim chilis, cilantro, watermelons, strawberries, and cucumbers. So far so good!


4 thoughts on “Late garden….

    • Thanks Karen….It’s funny the critters are all surrounding my garden waiting for just the right moment when things start to develope. There are holes all around in the ground where the ground squirrels are hiding. I see you are a gardner, any ideas? I really don’t want to use pesticides as I am keeping it “organic”…….and I don’t want to kill the animals either. I’d like to come to an agreement with them…haaaaa

    • Well thnx, but not really. They seem to be doing good though. I think it’s that the place where they are is really rich soil, but they are suroounded by ground squirrels ready to pounce. So we will see.

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