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 One Kings Lane Hosts Art Work of Organic Artist Deb Haugen

Malibu’s own organic artist Deb Haugen is due to publish her artwork on One Kings Lane. The artist’s work which has only been seen in TV and film productions is made available to the public for the first time

[Malibu Aug.1, 2011]- Malibu, California’s very own organic artist Deb Haugen is proud to announce the publishing her art work for the very first time, on the One Kings Lane website. The artist whose work was until now, limited to TV and film productions like The Green Hornet, The New Muppet Movie 2011, Desperate Housewives, Two and a Half Men, etc. shall now be available to the public in a limited print and giclee collection of organic abstracts.. The art work shall be released on August 5th at 8.00 am on the One Kings Lane website.

Deb’s fondest memories of childhood are of growing up the hill from a marshy swamp; understanding the texture of lush green moss and listening to the chorus of frogs every evening. That rich environment had a tremendous impact on her and is reflected deeply in her organic abstract paintings.

Before attending  both the Art Center College of Design and  Otis Art Institute, Deb was initiated into art by her mother at a very young age. Although she was often dragged out of the pool to galleries and museums, she was in perfect harmony with the myriad colors and shapes that surrounded her at these galleries. Being a product of the hippy movement of the 60’s, gave her a different perspective and sharpened her strong feelings for the environment and life.

It is nature that is her inspiration. “My works are reflections of the often strikingly familiar abstractions we see in nature and their relationship with time and layering,” says Deb, who is well known for her organic art.

“Nature provides a visual history with sensuous forms, decay and birth in a constant evolution of imagery entangled with time. Organic art is rudimentary, it is essential, it’s primordial, supportive and vital” adds Deb. After various jobs in the art sector she is completely at home exploring in the creek bed and horse trails behind her Malibu home.

About Deb Haugen: A graduate of the Art Center College of Design and Otis Art Institute, Deb Haugen is an organic artist that lives and breathes the California organic lifestyle. When not holding a paint brush she has a shovel in her hands and is in the middle of a large organic vegetable garden, at peace and right at home.

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