My friends Gabe and Tristan…

 These are the Eggerling boys….you are going to see a lot more of these guys. The older brother Gabriel is going to be the new voice of Shroeder in a brand new “Snoopy” release.
I met these 2 characters and their wonderful family years ago. I was working at a co. that places children with talent agencies. I knew the minute I saw Gabe that he had a special look for the camera. He has that classic Ralph Lauren type of look, and it proves it in this photo.
His mother has gone on to help place this adorable face in projects that are uplifting and special so these boys definetly will be recognized for their future endeavors.
Gabe has done feature films, commercials, voice over work, and is currently up for a TV show.
I am so proud of the work that he has accomplished and he really enjoys it. THIS is a far cry from Toddlers and Tiarras…..wouldn’t you say?
Good Luck Gabe, I’m behind you buddy!

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