Released….my world

This is one of my favorite paintings. It says everything about how I feel about my “Organic Art”. I think the dimensions it brings are so descriptive and what I am trying to convey as organic. Layers upon layers of decay, and growth, movement of the Earth, levels of intensity, and all done under the dome a feeling. THIS is what I see when I walk the horse trails and creekbeds behind my home. I see layers of history from the Chumash Indians that roamed my little canyon. I picture hidden treasures of broken shards of pottery buried under 200 yrs. of rains, campfires extinguished, plants dead, and regenerating. Earths composting daily, new footprints, baby green growth, dead wood all lay side by side throughout the years. It all has such a strong , rich, vibrant, and palpable history……..Breathe it in, I love it so much! It healed me.

Welcome to my world.


5 thoughts on “Released….my world

  1. A beautiful work of art indeed. It does portray a great depth of feeling and wonder. I also like how you have expressed your thoughts about the history you see all around you.

    Very nice Organic Artist.

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