She used my art to create fashion!…..

Chic Inspiration: Rich, Artsy Fall Hues…

August 10, 2011  By JourneyChic 7 Comments

Nightfall arrives earlier and earlier each day, and although I’m holding tight to the last vestiges of summer I can’t ignore the fact that cool fall air will soon be here. The good news? New clothes for the new season!

The perfect fall outfit inspiration came from the recent Deb Haugen art sale at One King’s Lane. Her canvas art, called “Release” is a beautiful medley of turquoise, mossy green, golden yellow, and wine.

Deb Haugen, “Release” on canvas (image from One Kings Lane)

Just for fun, I tried the color palette tool from Big Huge Labs to see all of the different hues that make up this pretty painting. This was my first experience with this tool, and the way it broke down all the shades is so helpful for understand how the colors go together.

bold fall color schemecreated using

For an early fall look, I opted for a the darkest teal represented in the painting, and the detail at the top of this Anthropologie sleeveless blouse picks up most of the other colors. What a find! Although the leather jacket (which ships from the UK) and bag are on the pricier side, you would get a lot of use out of them. The burgundy heels actually have a subtle pattern to them that adds a unique touch.

Rich Fall Hues

Printed tank top
$68 –

Monsoon leather jacket
£160 –

J. Crew skinny corduroys
$80 –

Forever21 stone bracelet
$6.80 –

Forever21 earrings
$4.80 –

Seychelles Burgundy Print Pumps
$77 –
I found this on line, and thought it was pretty cool that Laura went to the trouble of creating a color chart and fashion associated with my art..

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