Help these Osho Sannyasins!

Rashmi and Rajnish at AVANI, a sannyasin-run NGO in the Himalayas,
urgently needs your ONLINE VOTE, to win a grant for their new clean energy
If you haven’t already voted may I please ask you to log on and vote
project will provide clean energy, livelihoods and help in forest regeneration.
It’s potential for upscaling could lead to quality of life improvements for tens
of thousands of remote villagers living in the world’s highest

Avani have been working for 14 years in villages in these
mountains, providing solar lighting and developing natural textile production.
Inspired bu Osho’s vision, Rashmi and Rajnish emphasise trust, respect and
self-sufficiency in their relationships with local people. I have seen what they
have done for myself, and am truely inspired!

Logging on and voting takes
a couple of minutes.
Click the green ‘VOTE’ button.
Fill in the pop up
box, with any name and password you want.
Retrieve the email from the email
address you gave.
Click on the link inside it.
That’s all.

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