This is good…

Americans go to school, public and academic libraries three times more than they go to the movie theater

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Well, I don’t know about you but these little Kindle things do NOTHING for me, they actually kinda creep me out. Oh O.k. I guess living in an immediate gratification society, it is expected to have these so called conveniences. I for one love the feel of a book in my hands. I like turning pages. I like to feel that the spine is tight in my hands, and I like flipping thru the pages like a deck of cards. I like the way books smell. I like the way they all look laid out in a book store. I love searching through a used book store for something recognizable, a name, design, etc.

I really like the quiet of a library or book store. As if people really do revere these places as sacred. The churches of knowledge. All questions answered in the Universe.

I seriously could live in a book store.

The picture above gives me hope.

Libraries rent 2.1 million DVD’s a day….Netflex 2.2…..which gives me hope that some of these visitors will actually see a book they want to check out, take home, and enjoy.


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