Muck N Mire-organic grafitti

Muck and Mire

acrylic, ink, pastel, marker, crayon on paper

I am truly inspired by intricate tiny worlds that I come across on my walks in the creek bed and the horse trails behind my home. It is a virtual laboratory for a nature lover or artist. Here’s one example of how I am inspired daily. This is a bit of painting then my obsessive compulsive drawing over it, cause I just could NOT leave it alone. The hardest part of art said a favorite teacher…”Is knowing when to stop”

Boy is this right on to me.

That is the key.

Something I fight with all the time.


7 thoughts on “Muck N Mire-organic grafitti

  1. Great stuff – love the green palette. Your quote about “knowing when to stop” reminds me of a principle in design that says that it is not complete until there is nothing left that can be removed.

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