the respite of nature…

The respite of nature has been my healer. This piece pretty much sums up the year 2011 for me. It has been a journey of change and healing. It’s been funky creative, joyous, and remarkable in a million different ways. I am alive, that is a big plus. That was questioned in 2010, but I managed in my own way to say I’m not ready yet, I have far too much still to do. My friends and family have been by my side, and I love you so much for the love you have given, for understanding my amnesia, my bitches and moans, my hopes, and my crazy slamma drive. Something happened good to my brain also. It came alive with creativity, it reaches, searches, and experiments. It is a toddler in a new world. The light of re-birth in a way has had a warm and profoundly comfortable peace to it.

Happy New Year!

I wish you love…


2 thoughts on “the respite of nature…

  1. Oh I really like this work of art. It is so strange and mysterious. Organic. I can feel both nature the brain at work manifesting. Love it Deb. And thanks for the thoughts you shared about yourself in this post. It is nice discovering the intimate spirit you possess.

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