O.K. So artists…..You know when you create something and it just doesn’t feel right. It’s such a weird feeling I get from this painting. Is it done? Is it even working at all? It’s one of those canvases that I’ll eventually paint over. I cut up a painting I did on paper and applied it to the canvas. There is acrylic paint, pencil, stain, and pastel on this piece…. I’ll look at it and try to figure out why I’m so uncomfortable with it for , oh about 2 months . Then one day when I NEED to paint and don’t have a canvas I will turn to this monster…..I guess everything serves it’s purpose. Maybe I’ll end up cutting it up also.

Tell me what you think!


6 thoughts on “Questionable……

    • Brenda, first thanks for commenting. Here’s how I feel. A true artist has to work a painting, work on it until it feels right. I’ve worked on things 2 years after I hung it. I really think that’s the beauty of art is that it’s constantly evolving as is the consciousness of the artist. It has nothing to do with belief in myself. I use to teach art and always taught that the hardest part of being a good artist is knowing when to walk away. In your eyes you say it’s done, but how can you be so sure. Maybe it’s your knowledge that says it’s done, maybe your particular style. I always let my feelings (especially) with abstract work guide me. Art is such a personal thing. Keep making art if you do and keep learning, adjusting, and searching, you’ll only get better and better. I learn something every time I paint and I have been painting for….get ready….51 years. Happy New Year!

  1. Oh I know the feeling. My latest post on 1.3.12 is totally diferent in it color scheme and final design. I kept thinking this is what I wanted. But there was something wrong. I felt uncomfortable with it. I kept adding more thinking that was the solution. But alas, I remembered that it is better to subtract or start over. And I did. Simple is always more refreshing. Almost instantly I felt alright with.the image.
    Deb this is a wonderful and timely post.

  2. Thanks Walter. I know you understand what I mean now. You create so much art, sometimes you need to just sit with it. There is a wonderful artist that I saw a documentary on, forgot her name, but she has a big comfort chair dead center in her studio. She says she spends 75% of the time there in that chair just looking. So 25% painting…75% looking. When I sit and look I go over possibilities in my mind. My most creative spot is in the bathtub, there you are most relaxed and click into that right brain. I have patents on things that have been created with the help of warm water…haaaaaa
    Happy new Year to you Walter hope you had a good one!

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