the art of gardening….

Here’s my winter garden. Yep, in California we’re lucky when we live near the ocean there is no frost. Well, now and again we do have a bit of frost on the grass in the morning, but generally you can garden year round. I’ve got Broccoli, Cauliflower, onions, celery, and string beans. The beans aren’t doing to well.

My garden is all organic. The only problem I have is ground squirrels. Today I went out to find the roots of one plant just all nibbled off ( last photo) so my friend who is a fireman that lives across the way lit a few 15 min. flares ….we lit them and popped them down their holes, to try and drive them out of the field. It’s suppose to make them leave their underground tunnels. I don’t want to use any traps or poisons as the garden is organic….I figure a little smoke underground won’t do that much damage. If anyone has any brilliant ideas for gophers or ground squirrels please let me know. No, I cannot put chicken wire under boxes to keep them out….The side field that my garden is in is really big, I’d say a quarter acre. My garden is only 25 x 35, but impossible to put wire around and under all of it.

Someone told me I could buy deer blood to sprinkle around the parameters of the garden…..making the critters think there is death nearby and dangerous here.

THAT is just gross to me. UGH! So I am open to suggestions of all kinds, just don’t tell me to buy deer blood or urine. arrgghhhhhhh

So heeelllllppppp! all Y’all gardeners, WHAT do I do????


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