Zola…the fortune teller!

So this is the Santa Monica Pier. Zola, my husbands grandmother was the Fortune Teller (gypsy) here for many years. Too bad she couldn’t tell us to hold onto that piece of property, woops city block she owned right across from the pier. It must be somewheres in the region of hmmmmm 500 million right about now. Oh well…..

The Santa Monica Pier is one of the last remaining wood piers on the Calif. coast. I remember going there as a kid, playing carnival games,  hot dog  in hand watching the people fish off of the pier, when I was very little. Then, one summer  I took junior lifeguards. I will never forget that for our final test we had to jump off the end of the pier with a life saver floating device and pretend to save someone. I was only like 12 yrs. old and shaking in my boots! We get down to the end of the pier where the water is at it’s deepest and I’m watching very carefully, not saying a word, as all of the kids go before me diving and saving people. I’m gaining strength from each of their success, I think I just might just be able to do this…..THEN, I’m in line, next girl up…… The tension is palpable…… I watch intently as the chubby girl in front of my jumps off AND SUDDENLY her rope line gets snagged on a pier piling….SHE IS SCREAMING! YIKES  OH MY GOD! THIS is HORRENDOUS! Her shrieks of absolute terror fill the air!

Everyone dashes over, leaning over the wood railing,  to see her swinging back and forth, under the pier,  about 10 feet above the ocean water dangling from the end of the rope. The rope is now cutting into her skin, she’s bleeding as she dangles and moves she also screams….Oh My Gosh! This is terrible stuff happening right before my eyes. This is happening, my fears coming true.

She is finally pulled up and bloody and crying, this is not a great Saturday for me or her. BUT mind you we had to do this and accomplish this task to get our final Junior Life Guard badges, certificates and become REAL LifeGuards! The teacher turns to me…..”OK Deb you’re up”  Do I throw up, poop myself, cry and run screaming down the pier to safety….or what….




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