Breast implants? Wrong?

Breast implant scandal: What went wrong?

By Bryony Jones, CNN
January 27, 2012 — Updated 1541 GMT (2341 HKT)
Implants made by French company PIP have been found to contain industrial-grade silicone, instead of medical-grade ingredients.
Implants made by French company PIP have been found to contain industrial-grade silicone, instead of medical-grade ingredients.

  • Breast implants made by French company PIP found to contain industrial-grade silicone
  • Some 300,000 women in 65 countries received implants made by the company
  • Health authorities in France have offered to pay for women to have them removed, replaced
  • PIP founder Jean-Claude Mas charged with involuntary injury

London (CNN) — The founder of a French company that made breast implants linked to a major health scare has been charged by police investigating the scandal.

Jean-Claude Mas, former boss of Poly Implant Protheses (PIP), faces charges of involuntary injury over the now-defunct firm’s use of substandard ingredients in its implants.

So what is wrong with the implants? What are the risks? And what is being done to help those affected by the scandal?

What is the problem?

Implants made by France’s Poly Implant Protheses (PIP) were banned in 2010, after it was discovered that they contained industrial-grade, which has more contaminants than the medical-grade gel they should have used.

O.K. So I don’t know about you but seeing that photo and thinking about a doctor implanting those onto my chest is just NOT RIGHT!

It looks so plastic.

It looks so phoney, fake breasts look so phoney. I’m an artist, ever notice that we do not have half of a ball on our chests? Breasts are flat on top, swoop down and out and then cup into a beautiful round  curve. They are NOT half a melon glued to the chest wall.

Who would I do this for, myself, men, my husband, why would I alter my natural, clean, organic magnificense with plastic silicone?

I just do not get it. Maybe it’s because I’m basically an ol’ hippy that happens to find people of all shapes and sizes beautiful! Why can’t people see the wonder in the human body? It heals itself, it is a finely tuned instrument of unbelievable capabilities. I just do not feel like my breasts are that important to alter and make fake with a manufactured silicone so someone else can get a squeeze or a glance and go…”oh nice rack”

Please oh young socialites due tell me why you would do this. BUT first sit and look at the plastic in the photo, THEN tell me.



2 thoughts on “Breast implants? Wrong?

  1. I heard about the report on the implants. This is very sad. For me it is difficult to come to term with willingly putting a foriegn object in the body for the sake of beauty or any reason other than an essential health issue.

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