Does anyone love the airbrush like I do? I did this because I have not painted with an airbrush for so long. I’m sorry but there is just no way you can blend colors and get the subtle gradations like you can when you spray! It just can’t happen with a brush. Do you know when you see a bad spray job, why it’s bad? It’s usually because they went from dark to light without mixing a few colors to get there. I saw a rose painted on a building the other day. It’s a flower shop on Ventura Blvd. just west of Sepulveda. The artist painted a red rose and then thinking they were doing the right thing to give it some life, they took I’m sure a white can of spray paint and make little highlight sprays here and there to signify light bouncing off the pedals. Well that’s o.k. but wrong color….You have to mix the steps and take it gradually back to light, not white. It is a color process of taking the main color and putting light into it to get it to a highlight shade. Understand? I use to teach beginning airbrush instruction in my studio in Venice, it’s so much easier to show someone. It’s so hard to talk it thru, you really just have to try it.

How many blues did I mix for the water…..probably around 30 !


4 thoughts on “airbrush…

    • Thnx much Walter! Yeah I use to teach airbrush in my little studio in Venice, such great times. I learned from Jack Reilly, you know him right? He’s the master of the shaped canvas. I learned so much from my students they were fabric designers, model makers, illustrators, etc. AND there was a great taco place across the street, and a libraby next door….just brilliant!

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