My painting in an Oscar winner!

I am pleased to announce that my painting “Tattoo You” is in the now Academy Award winning film…..The Muppet Movie! That’s pretty exciting for me, and is a good credit for the notch in my belt. Hey, us artists have to take everything we can get. I’ll be working this one for awhile….haaaaa

What’s really funny is I think back and there are actually 2 paintings on this canvas. There was one, and I probably was recycling, had no money that week, or was just sick of it and I painted over it to get this current canvas. People cannot believe when I paint over things, but artists must keep moving, we realize that not everything we do will go down in history as a fine piece of work. So we re-use, reduce, and recycle. I just remember painting this and thinking wow, I really like the direction this is going…..I guess someone else did also. That is nice to know. Thanks Kermie!


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