Today is my first baby’s Birthday….

This is Britt….haaaaaa, my very first baby…. yep this sums it all up! She is the biggest silly dork you ever wanna meet. She is first to help, to make a dozen cupcakes, a new bulletin board at school, take a kid to the nurses office, etc. She has a big sloppy kind heart like her big sloppy golden lab Cyde. She is the best wife and mother one could ever ask for. Her family is run like clockwork, the commander, or commandant as we call her, has the pulse on what’s going on at all times.

She’s also a hypochondriac, and she knows it, that’s whats so funny. She has every symptom of a brain tumor, but no tumor. She is the healthiest person I know. She does “Bootie Camp” every week, working out in the garage with her girlfriends and a private trainer, sweating and laughing. She also goes to the regular gym every morning, she eats totally clean, and hasn’t ever smoked or drank….yep, honestly….I kid you not!

I want her to always know that I couldn’t be prouder of her, and the beautiful, inside and out, woman she has become. I hope I gave her, nurtured, some of those qualities when she was small. I always tried to be fair, and understanding, fun and happy with my children.

I wanted her to be a strong, healthy woman, and she is. I wanted her to be fun, she is. I wanted her to be true to herself, she really is, no matter who thinks what. She’s an investigative reporter, she has her hand on the pulse.

I just want B to always know I am so happy she picked me to be her Mom….She has my heart.

Happy Birthday B!


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