storms in paradise…..

So today I started to think about how vulnerable we are as human beings.

I started to think about this when hearing that a tornado touched down in kailua and kaneohe in Hawaii.

I started thinking about it actually the other night laying on my foam bed on the floor right next to the open doors as a storm raged outside. The thunder and lightning was insane. Scary loud boomings bouncing off of all the high rises around us in Waikiki. Lightning actually hit 2 buildings , I found out later, and severely damaged a wall.

Then I thought, wow, I bet a normal large rain has devastating effects on animals. Think of a deluge on an ant colony or a fire on forest wildlife. We really are all vulnerable when it comes to the weather. It seems to me to be getting weirder and stronger and more erratic.

I guess living on this ever changing planet is really a test of our endurance as a species. It has gone on for many years without us, and maybe one day will start all over. Who knows…..?


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