In search of mermaids…..

O.K. So it is “First Friday” in Honolulu. The first Friday of the month where the Galleries and restaurants, shops, etc stay open down in Chinatown. Suppose to, well, being billed as the best art night in Hawaii! I’m excited now.

I need a diversion. I take the bus from Waikiki about 7pm…’s raining, kind of a dreary night, but I’m hopeful. I meet Will and Rachel on the bus going to the “First Friday” also. They’re adorable Korean tourists with leis on, obviously just arrived, and about 28/30 yrs. old. She confesses she wants to be an artist, and Will says he wants to make music, although he’s not too good at playing the guitar. They both now work in an office to make make daily living costs in Korea…..their dream is to create freely some day. I wonder how many people are stuck in office jobs their whole life wanting to break free and “create”….probably a hell of a lot .

So, at this point we are off the bus and I have taken them under my momma bird wing to walk them thru the dark bum pee streets of back alley Chinatown. There are a lot of homeless people on the back streets of Chinatown, and even with all of the rain in Hawaii, it still reeks of bum pee… kids named the smell years ago. I’m sad when Rachel says there are a lot of homeless people in the US…..yes, I admit it is not nice, I feel so bad for them laying on the streets in nooks and crannies and in the rain. Every shred of human dignity dissolved in the muddy streets of Chinatown. I’m seeing this thru the young eyes of a Korean tourist who just 4 hours ago arrived in Hawaii for the first time…… is rather shocking in an affluent society.

So we are on the look out for art. I really feel like some great art tonight.


That’s all we get.

Are you kidding?  THIS is the gallery scene I’ve been hearing about? The first store is a soap and fu-fu trendy little something on the corner. The only thing good about it is the smell.

Then we come across the bubbling mermaid. She is in a kiddy pool, shooting a corner full spectators with soapy water that sprays in fine lines from her fingertips. The people are so starved for art she is making quite a hit on the street corner.

We then found a small gallery with a “reduce, reuse” kind of theme going on. The only thing there that was interesting was a grouping of crayons remelted into beautiful colorful orbs tossed around all of the crayon wrappers in the center, standing upright, but empty in their sleeves…..I guess you had to be there for that one.

THEN……we found the PHOTO BOOTH! It was in a gallery…gallery, is that what I call it? ugh.

There were photos hung way too close to each other….actually stretched, very poorly I might add, saggy, giclees of some Lomo shot photos. I was embarrassed for the artist, and the so called gallery.

The only thing good about it was the PHOTO BOOTH! I will post these pics as soon as Rachel sends them to  me. We had a really fun time in the photo booth, I’m no small chicken but we scrunched in there and suddenly became 8 years old when the camera started to flash…….so funny we laughed and laughed… was one of those moments, since my brain aneurysm, that I sit back and view my life….I call them my golden life moments………

I am in a photo booth with 2 complete strangers having an amazing life experience, and laughing so hard. Life I am reminded now is precious, every stupid damn moment of it, even amidst the bum pee.

Thanks Will and Rachel I hope your life is filled with golden moments in time.


3 thoughts on “In search of mermaids…..

  1. Nice entry – sorry the art was so bad – but your writing makes up for it. I will definitely steal your phrase “bum pee streets.” That is too good. The crayon thing sounds interesting too.

    I have always wanted to design a portable photo booth – one that will give patrons copies and keep a set too. Maybe one without a printer – you have to plug in a USB drive to get your copies.

    Thanks for sharing.

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