It’s official. LA City Council moved today to ban plastic bags, making Los Angeles the largest city in the U.S. to do so.






6 thoughts on “YEAH L.A.!

  1. I’m not really sure what your photos are of, but I like them a lot! I love micro photographs. 🙂 Thanks for posting this, and its interesting to hear that LA is banning plastic bags… Why is the reason exactly?

    ~My Blog

  2. i lived in la for a long time… i love it there especially santa monica…. i’m glad to hear that… they have banned them on maui but not oahu yet…? not sure why…

    • Rick…You are on maui? Know jeff Lackey my friend from Paia, he’s a great windsurfer! I go back and forth between Oahu and Malibu, Malibu just banned Styrofoam and plastic bags. Everyone’s finally getting on the program. Santa Monica is a nice place, I was born and raised there but now the traffic is horrendous, so I stay out in Malibu most of the time, where it’s quiet.

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