organic feelings

New pieces of my Organic Art. These are actually three from my OCD ink drawings, but happen to have a very “organic” feel to them. My inspiration, well, it varies but today I’ve been in the garden, and well you see I think. I love the complexities of nature.

These drawings really help to soothe my soul, they take my breathing right down and I get to a place of meditation. I am a little unsettled today as I just heard a friend of my daughters passed away this last Monday of a brain aneurysm. I had one 2 yrs. ago.

She was only 35.

This is a moment when I am feeling my own vulnerability.

It is o.k. though, I was so close to death and honestly it was o.k.

Anyone that has ever been to that place knows. Let’s just say I am no longer afraid to die.


4 thoughts on “organic feelings

  1. Beautiful colours in this work. I had a friend who died of a brain aneursym suddenly in her sleep, she was only 16 years old. It was a shock to us all and she is dearly missed. I really do love these peices, i could just stare at them all day, they are really very calming. :]

    • Yep, I know it is just shocking when someone you know just drops over. Sixteen is just way too young, so is 35. When I was in the ICU they kept telling my husband that there was a good chance I wasn’t going to make it, I sat up from being unconscious and said” I’m not going anywhere yet” Haaaaaa True!
      Thanks for the comments on my art, much appreciation for the kind words.

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