Are U happy?

                                                                                     R U Happy?

I have come to think that you are either a happy person or not. It’s pretty simple really. When I was a kid I was happy. I was happy all through school. Happy after that in college. Happy actually where ever I happened to be in the world. My Dad use to say to anyone that was worried about something…..”Can you do anything about it?  If the answers Yes, then do it, if the answer is no, then quit worrying about it”. He was born into a tough neighborhood, filled with Italians, Polish, Russian immigrants who worked damn hard for their pay. They also ate well, and loved their families. Life was simple.

My Dad was a boxer, a middle weight, he could take his finger and press his nose flat to his face, all the kids in the neighborhood thought that was so cool. He had his nose broken so many times it just didn’t have any substance left in it. Big Al, was a gentle marshmallow of a guy. He could swim like Tarzan. I use to watch him doing laps in the pool every night and wish I could swim like Tarzan, you could sneek up on crocodiles that way.

Come to think of it everyone in my family was HAPPY…Maybe that’s where I got it, it is infectious. Have you ever noticed that when you are around happy people you some how forget how miserable you are, their happiness is contagious. I always hung out with happy people also.

So when did being dark, and depressing get so cool and trendy?

That’s just plain stupid.

Let’s see how scary and foreboding I can become….maybe I can shock people, slice up my arms and spend time on Thorazine in the rehab downtown….Oi Vey that gets a big giant whatever!

I choose to be happy in my life, and eternally grateful to the Universe for giving me my life…. I’m an ol’ hippy I can’t help it…..wink


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