My OCD inks….”Jiggety”

My OCD is back with a vengeance. When I get like this the  only thing I can do is pick up a pen and paper. It calms me right down. I draw because I cannot meditate like this with too much jiggety inside me. That’s what these inks have in them, a whole lot of jiggety.

Jiggety is probably my metabilism doing cart wheels, maybe my monkey mind somer-saulting….I don’t know, I don’t care. I turn out some damn good jiggeties when I need to let go.

So this ink is titled….JIGGETY

14 x 17 acrylic, ink, pencil, graphite on paper


5 thoughts on “My OCD inks….”Jiggety”

    • I was never diagnosed with OCD, but I have named my ink drawings my ocd drawings because they are done obsessively and compulsively. Thank you for the nice words and taking the time to write….Deb

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