Just Jump!

I live like this.

I wait til the last moment, then jump.

It works.

I have immense belief in the Universe.

I have belief that the NET will appear. It usually does. I think a lot of us don’t believe that the net will appear and that’s why it doesn’t appear. It’s the age old story about the Little Engine That Could……he believed it, he was successful. I take steps or actions a lot of people wouldn’t. I believe this allows your spirit to fly, it gives you a sort of freedom to be yourself!

You will succeed.

P.S. This shot was taken in Hawaii. These kids are amazing. Everyday you’ll find them at the cement pier on Kuhio beach at the end of Kapahulu. They have no fear.


2 thoughts on “Just Jump!

  1. I have been thing more and more about “the Jump” or paradigm shift from working at a job so much to pursuing things revolving around art more. Perphaps it’s time for a little less “thinking” and more doing.

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