Body boarding Honolulu

Something to remember….HAVE FUN.

So many people have forgotten how to have fun, what it takes to have fun, and even the word fun.

We get so consumed in work, families, responsibilities, health,  working out, getting ahead,  etc.

Ask yourself this…. what is fun for me?

When was the last time you said “That was fun”

Do you propagate fun in your own life ?

You should be doing something fun in your life at least once a day, life should be fun…..Not a fight, not a struggle, create lightness in your day, laugh, take a moment to just be silent. Just be. Be happy, be creative, be light hearted and be a child once again. Look through the looking glass at the wonder around you. Even if you don’t see it it’s still there, everyday…..all you have to do is lift your head and see.

I have “Golden Moments” since my near death experience.

Make every moment “Golden Moments” that remind you of what it is to be alive, what it is to be thankful, what it is to just be in the moment.

Life will be so much richer…..



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