Deb Haugen+obsession+Crate and Barrel

Here is one of my ink drawings in an ad for Crate and Barrels Fall 2012 catalog. I really feel like one lucky girl. I love their stuff, and am beaming that they chose a piece of my work. I call these pieces my OCD drawings, because they are small meditative, can’t stop, obsessions. Once you get going it’s hard to stop. The repetition of some of these is the meditative part…..I go into a trance, somewhere that is just dependent on intuition, on instinct.

They feel really good to do, and I feel good as an artist depending on my gut, it never lets me down.


2 thoughts on “Deb Haugen+obsession+Crate and Barrel

  1. A real great post Deb, especially your commentary on the process. I agree, it. Is so rewarding when your are in a meditative state while creating. Following your instincts. And again, congrats on the piece being chosen for the ad.

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