North Shore, Oahu


Wow, how many kids get to experience this? We were just playing on the beach, looking for sea glass. This is my grand grand daughter and I  just across from where she lives. Can you even imagine having a childhood like THIS??? How magical, how amazing to be raised in nature like this. I had my swamp when I was a kid, just down the hill from my house. I spent so many wonder filled days in that damn swamp. It is today still a source of great stories that my grand kids just love. I also lived next door to 5 boys, that says it all. The adventures never stopped.

I wish all kids had adventures in nature. It seems so natural for them, little minds discovering the wonders of science and the world they live in.

Support your local schools, wherever you may be, or how ever old your kids are currently, it does not matter…..THEY are the future of this planet.


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