Sometimes it feels great to have a talent…

This is a school in Africa that I donated a painting to. Look at those amazing kids with those smiles! Isn’t it great that I can do something I love and that it benefits children all the way on the other side of the globe, really amazing to me.

Artists get hit up all the time to donate their art. When it comes to kids, I can’t resist, and when I got this photo my heart melted. I really don’t care what they got and how much for my painting, it’s just that I know I might have made a small difference in some child’s life THAT is what’s important.

Soooo, do what you can, when you can…….. ALL OF THE TIME!

Be a friend to the world, it will smile back on you in so many ways. Too many people think with all the political BS going on about all the terror in the world, the unrest, government and political nightmares. I say….There is still a lot of good, wonderful, amazing things happening in this world everyday, and I choose to see those things. It’s a certain way you hold the Universe, and how you relate, and how you see yourself a part of it all.

I’m here to see the positive, do the positive. I guess when you’ve had a near death experience that changes the axis on which you balance your life, I’m sure that has something to do with it.

I really love my  life!

the painting I donated…..Coiling….36 x 36 acrylic , ink, graphite, on canvas


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