My Pen and Ink meditation…

The chains that bind are actually loose…….18 x 24 acrylic, pen and ink, on paper

So many of us are carrying our chains around with us. It’s heavy, it’s a burden. Why do we do it? I suspect, that sometimes we’re afraid to even try to lift them off. It’ s easier to walk around carrying them. It takes a lot of insight and work to unburden yourself, so much easier to turn on a sitcom, and curl up with a bowl of popcorn.

So that’s what the game is….recognize your burden and try and un-load it.

People help, my son has really been a big help, my daughter has stepped out of her box big time, she keeps me laughing. My husband loves me no matter what…..that’s a great thing.

My drawing calms, it gives me so much, it’s an ideal meditation for me…..I get into a pattern a song and dance of the mind, imagination, and hand if you will. I flow with my intuition where to mark next, where, what….it all flows when you are in a meditative like state of no mind…….an artist goes there a lot. We depend on our years of training, learning from prior mistakes, and the seeking of balance to a piece.
I really trust my judgement,

I really really love my intuition.


7 thoughts on “My Pen and Ink meditation…

  1. Deb, how wonderful and timely this post is. Especially your commentary. You have said it so well … the love the artist has for his craft; meditative and liberating, it gives us meaning. Beautiful.

    • Wow, thankx Sarah, that is really sweet of you to say. I read a little about you… made me cry. I’m really sorry that you lost someone so tragically. Two years ago I almost died in my husbands arms. I had a massive brain aneurysm, and the ONLY reason why I am alive today is that it stopped bleeding on it’s own, and I had amazing surgeons at UCLA. What I did come away with is knowing how fragile life is, and that I am now grateful everyday for just waking up. I’m sure by your writing that you also know these things. Thnx for writing here and your blog. Luvs, Deb

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