bar b q…..what?


This is the grease pan on my bar- b- q.

I think it’s beautiful.

It’s rusted and greasy, but if you look close it could be a 5 x 8 foot painting on canvas. I use it as an over lay over photos to age them and give them texture. All you have to do is look, you’ll see stuff like this everyday….open your eyes to the world.


6 thoughts on “bar b q…..what?

      • Great question Deb. I’ll try to keep it simple.
        my jpeg file image size is usually about 45m (3200X4800 pixels). The trick is to have the camera setting for the largest file possible and also do as little cropping as possible. Hope this helps. šŸ™‚

  1. I can print as large as 24″X36″ where the image still looks good. Anything larger than that I’d need to readjust the size of the image in photoshop (which is a whole other “ball of wax”) If you’re looking for a good tutorial on changing the image size to print larger here is a great video

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