In love with Mexico?


I honestly don’t know where this painting is suppose to me, but it reminds me of old Mexico, I did it years ago and it’s new home is somewhere in malibu. We use to go and camp at San Felipe. Great food on the beach, cold beer, cheap camping, warm hearts, and friendly people…..who could ask for anything more. It has been years and years since we went, we took kids with us, and as I recall I ended up in a sleeping bag in the middle of the beach in the middle of a sand storm….OMG  memories like this can not be lost.

Isn’t it just the stupid little things that we remember that make up the whole of the experience. Yes, there are moments of intelligence and clarity, but why oh why do I remember the stupid things. My amnesia it seems to be getting worse, as the memories get more shockingly dumb!

Make every moment count….


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