All eyes are on Stella’s new “beehive” hairdo

all eyes on Stella's new hair 2

This is very out of the ordinary for me. I’m loving all my new collages. They are so fun to do. You search thru magazines, images online, books, etc. The creativity just bursts out in a split second you have the vision or the story you would like to tell with this picture….I envisioned seeing Stella walk down the street and everyone would be looking at that huge beehive of a hairdo. All eyes on the beehive…..

My sister back in the day use to wear her hair like this, when I was a little girl. It use to piss her off so much that my Dad would call her “basketball head”

Then one day she came home with her strawberry blonde hair dyed black, she tried to cover it with a scarf, yeah right.  OMG there was hell to pay for her. I was scared and crying, my grandmother made such a scene unbelievable. I think it was rather innocent on her part, her best friends mother owned a beauty shop where they use to hang out, so it seems like a natural consequence of that to me.


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