My heart….

our kids

I cannot even begin to tell you how I feel about these two people, my kids. But i will attempt it….First they are my heart and soul. If you are a Mother, or a parent you will know what I mean, when I say they are my entire life, all rolled into two bodies!.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of the people they have become. My daughter, we call her the “commandhant”, is an amazing “slamma” of an example. That means usually whatever she takes on, she slams….that’s my nickname and she has backed me up on that attribute. I know there will be a “slamma” around after I am gone. She tackles things with kindness, a rarity these days, and is a huge bundle of do it now in action. If you are a friend of B’s she will do ANYTHING for you. She is the true picture of what a friend should be. She will go out of her way to do ANYTHING for a friend. You are a lucky person to be friends with her.

Do you need 48 cupcakes right now? B will be there. How about painting your bathroom an amazing shade of turquoise before dinner, again she has a brush in her hand. I really don’t think any task is too big for B. She is stupid silly at times, fun-loving in every way, and always can be counted on to do something so goofy, not caring what others say….I love that about her, she doesn’t give a shit what people say about her goofiness, she is truly a free spirit in that way. She is kind and giving, warm and caring. She is a perfect example of a great Mom. Her 2 girls are so fortunate to have a Mom that cares so deeply about their happiness, and growth. I raised her with an independent “I can do it nature”, and I don’t think B would hesitate to paint a four story building pink if need be. I truly think B could do anything she puts her mind to. If tomorrow she decided to become a realtor, she would excel, a chef, kill it, a teacher, of course…..she just has that undeniable attitude of success with whatever she tackles. But it is done with kindness, and complete control, not as a competition with others. She does things, tackles them to prove her slamma-ness I presume it is something, must be in her DNA. She is my best friend.

B can make things fun, B can do anything she wants to. Everyone loves her, she is happy and kind, and caring.

Then there is the other, little brother..T

What to say. He holds the mysteries of the Universe for me. He is that world traveler I use to be. His young eyes have seen some of the worlds mysteries, he has soared with eagles in Egypt, and come home with lice from the northern jungles of Thailand. Danced until dawn on many continents, studied the exotic secrets of India, and practiced hypnosis with the best.

He is stubborn, opinionated, and larger than life. He is warm, silly, and funny, and his words can chop your head off easily. He knows this also, and tempers it to whom he is speaking. He is a zen master.

He is simply brilliant, and can do whatever he sets his mind to do. He has a huge amount of “Slamma-ness in him, and does not hesitate to tackle anything even id it’s enormous in scope!  I’ve always told T, he could be president if he wanted, a dental surgeon?, that also. Oh you would like to be a brain surgeon…o.k. that is possible. He is definitely a possibilitarian. The world is his oyster. If he is interested in something he will get to know it whatever it is, inside out. He will be able to dissect it with a surgeons scalpel, and explain it back to you. He has the “grand vision” of things from his Dad, a bigger than life thinker. He has the abilities to build a colossal vision…..then know the best way to market it. Want 400 elephants sold and advertised? T could handle a way to do it and do it with fun and creativity.

People are drawn to his kind intelligence. He is a gentleman, a big soft soul…..a creampuff on the inside he is filled with Hostess Twinkie filling. He is sensitive, sometimes too much so. But you will find that he uses it to create compassion towards others. He reminds us we are just a monkey soaring thru space with a lot of other monkeys and to be kind and thoughtful of our clan. He is a care giver, he will argue that point with me, I’m sure. He considers himself a bit of a loner. just because he is comfortable in his own skin.

Seeing this picture of them together made me want to tell the world about these 2……even though those 2 scroundrels know that Dole Whips are my favorite, and that this is absolute torture for me to see this picture. These two are my everything, they are my heart and my soul, and I am so terribly proud of the adults they have become. I know that when their father and I are gone they will always have each other to count on. I do know now, after a very close call with death,  that things must always be said to those you love, life can be taken from you at any time, and you must say what you want everyday to those you love.

I know…that they know … much they were ALWAYS loved by the both  us, and how PROUD we are of the adults they have become today…..

that’s all



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