Reading in the bathtub….

brer rabbit2Rummaging through my junk drawer the other day I happened to find….a book, a small paperback brochure. It measures only  about 3 x 5 inches. It was my grandmothers and I’m sure came in a box with Brer Rabbit Gold Molasses, because as I scroll through the book I see molasses recipes on every other page.

I’ll admit it……I love Brer Rabbit……My Mom used to sit on the toilet when I, about 6-7 yrs old, and was in the bathtub and read Uncle Remus stories to me. I LOVED them, mainly because of the accent she used. She spoke the words with such authority….like she was there, she knew the characters intimately. I really BELIEVED she was Brer Rabbit stuck in the thorny bush while Brer Fox nosed around outside trying to get him.

It’s so funny the small ever lasting things we remember from our childhood. Those were my fondest memories, my Mom acting out the book, and I a spellbound 6 yr. old naked and wide eyed waiting on her every word. I use to keep a small dribble of hot water running, just to keep the water warm enough, as I begged for another story. It’s so funny because I only had one big book with a variety of stories in it, and I knew each story by heart.

That never took the thrill away, and I sat every time with as much anticipation as the next, as Brer Rabbit tried to escape from Brer Bear or Brer Fox. I always knew he was much smarter than both of them put together.

Now that my Mom has been gone for many many years I can remember her accent and that voice with her southern twang just like it was yesterday. Parents never know what moments will be frozen in time, so we must make them all special and filled with everything we’ve got…..our children deserve the magic we can give them.

Thanks Ma…..I love you forever!



2 thoughts on “Reading in the bathtub….

    • Thanks Teresa. She was an amazing person, always so happy, bright and willing to explore. And she was a business woman way before her time! I got so much good from her, it pains me when I hear of women who didn’t have great Mother/Daughter relationships, I just cannot imagine! I am so blessed to have had her as my Mom.

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