My art in the Crate and Barrel Spring catalog!


I cannot put into words how incredibly stoked I am to be a part of a retail store like Crate and Barrel.  Me…….. just lil ol Deb Haugen-the organic artist from Malibu!

I feel so validated, because I have such mad respect for their overall vision!

First….they ROCK! Their style is just pure perfection to my eyes! They are cool and breezy, or also warm and fuzzy when they need to be. They are slick, and smooth and ultra MODern in a good comfortable way. They are home, and comfort, and trend, and natural. They are organic and just feel damn good to your soul.

Can you tell I love them? Yikes!

I think they love my ART too………I am so, so honored to be in their stores and catalogs……LOOK for more goodness to come, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to contain myself come this Fall……I may just turn into a quivering mass of lime jello! Haaaaaa It’s a good thing! Keep watching for new news and new art!

THANK YOU to their CEO, SASCHA BOPP…… for your amazing vision!


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