Sunshine on Olivers Love Life….

Sunshine on Oliver's love life

Oh gosh I should not have eaten that last taco last night. Two was plenty, but NO, I had to add a third. What happened. I dreamed crazy dreams all night. First I was walking down PCH swinging a baseball bat for exercise? I don’t know makes no sense…..But I was swinging it and it flew out of my hands and into a small insurance office with those louvered glass windows across the front. Of course it shattered all of them. I scurried up the ice plant hill slipping and sliding to rescue my bat and hide it. and realized this is where my new art studio was… paintings were below on a lower terrace. Great way to become neighbors right. Well no one was around so I hid the bat, and tried to carry on as normal. Is this the sneeky part of me coming out here? Wow.

So the police come and I say….”Honestly, it just slipped out of my hands. I have no money but I’ll trade you art.”  Haaaa now I see where this is going. …….trying to barter once again!

This is hilarious.

Everyone says , no that’s o.k. you’re an artist, we understand. LOL But we will take the pink turtle one, with the baby with their arms cut off! WHAT???? See above……

Dreams are just compilations of what happens during our day. They get scrambled and end up coming out far more interesting that when they went in.

I woke up exhausted.


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