My Etsy Store!

O.K. So I am very excited about the New Etsy Store I just opened. First, wow, I am happy to be able to offer some of my art at decent prices. A lot of people have told me that they would kill for one of my pieces but don’t have the money or space for a big canvas. Well, happy to say you can now get a giclee!

I honestly believe that if you live in and around art it does something to your life. It makes you stop once in awhile and daydream. I daydream all the time, sometimes I daydream out loud.

Sometimes I’ll just stop when the sun hits my back just right and daydream on a leaf or a spiders web, etc. Day dreams make you realize the moment you are in at that very minute. They are a great thing. I never interrupt a child in a day dream, that’s where magic happens!

black balled signed FR       dhe's goin down FRearthdayfrHome interior 3D rendering


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