Looks like an island…..in my mind though

Blueberries and Mocha grn tint det

I like the intricacies. Is it OCD, I’m not sure, maybe just a little. I do feel a compulsion to make art. I make art everyday one way or another. Sometimes I have got to throw paint around be brisk, tear it up, splat it, scrub it and mush it about. Other times I get very tiny, miniscule, and tight….the smaller the better, the more repetitions the better I feel. It is a meditation of sorts for me….the rhythm of the pen to paper soothes me. It puts me into the zone I love so much. I’ve talked about it before, it is pure nirvana. This is actually a print in my shop at…..www.theorganicgallery.com


My Hula Girl shower curtain featured!


Daily Digs | Tropical Paradise

Tropical Paradise | Daily Digs

Take your room to funky town in today’s Daily Digs! This room is FULL of bright color and everything tropical. We think this look would be perfect for a vacation home or for that bright and eccentric individual that LOVES color as much as we do. Photographed by rockstar Polly Wreford, this space screams out in glorious energy in it’s color and spunk.

Think you can handle the fun? We put together an inspired collection from our DENY Artists to help you rise to the challenge!

Tropical Paradise | Daily Digs Tropical Paradise | Daily Digs

Room images via here

Shop the entire Tropical Paradise Collection here!

Tropical Paradise | Daily Digs

See the Tropical Paradise Collection here!

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pen and ink and my ocd

detail I’ve been looking at a lot of ink drawings lately. Ink artists are some of the liveliest artist out there. I love to obsess on my little drawings. They are definitely a meditation of sorts for me. My mind is gone, just following shape, form and letting my intuition take me where it wants to go, it’s like Xmas. I never know ahead of time where I will end up. It’s traveling without a passport, no boundaries, going where ever. It really gives you a feeling of freedom. That’s what I love about it….No boundaries…..well, that and it satisfies my obsessive compulsive desires for hours.

Just go and get a pen, and sit for 2 hours, follow the lines, the ones you don’t see…..the ones that need to be there but aren’t. Follow your gut. YOU will be amazed.

All eyes are on Stella’s new “beehive” hairdo

all eyes on Stella's new hair 2

This is very out of the ordinary for me. I’m loving all my new collages. They are so fun to do. You search thru magazines, images online, books, etc. The creativity just bursts out in a split second you have the vision or the story you would like to tell with this picture….I envisioned seeing Stella walk down the street and everyone would be looking at that huge beehive of a hairdo. All eyes on the beehive…..

My sister back in the day use to wear her hair like this, when I was a little girl. It use to piss her off so much that my Dad would call her “basketball head”

Then one day she came home with her strawberry blonde hair dyed black, she tried to cover it with a scarf, yeah right.  OMG there was hell to pay for her. I was scared and crying, my grandmother made such a scene unbelievable. I think it was rather innocent on her part, her best friends mother owned a beauty shop where they use to hang out, so it seems like a natural consequence of that to me.


Where can you buy my ART?

dot buddha big


Please visit my new site at…..



My pen and ink continues….


You can see my inks at….www.theorganicgallery.com

This is really when I need to relax, I get into a meditation doing these things, like the humming of my fan I….. dot….dot….dot

I never know where my pen is going….whoooaaaa

I am reminded that every

time I pick up the paintbrush I never know where I’m going to go.

It’s a journey, with no end or beginning……it is seamless nd just follows the rhythym of my life…up and down, side ways, and lots of crazy circles.

Aoki's in Haleiwa

inknew1frvwwfshrimp truckswfmod flowers2

Are U happy?

                                                                                     R U Happy?

I have come to think that you are either a happy person or not. It’s pretty simple really. When I was a kid I was happy. I was happy all through school. Happy after that in college. Happy actually where ever I happened to be in the world. My Dad use to say to anyone that was worried about something…..”Can you do anything about it?  If the answers Yes, then do it, if the answer is no, then quit worrying about it”. He was born into a tough neighborhood, filled with Italians, Polish, Russian immigrants who worked damn hard for their pay. They also ate well, and loved their families. Life was simple.

My Dad was a boxer, a middle weight, he could take his finger and press his nose flat to his face, all the kids in the neighborhood thought that was so cool. He had his nose broken so many times it just didn’t have any substance left in it. Big Al, was a gentle marshmallow of a guy. He could swim like Tarzan. I use to watch him doing laps in the pool every night and wish I could swim like Tarzan, you could sneek up on crocodiles that way.

Come to think of it everyone in my family was HAPPY…Maybe that’s where I got it, it is infectious. Have you ever noticed that when you are around happy people you some how forget how miserable you are, their happiness is contagious. I always hung out with happy people also.

So when did being dark, and depressing get so cool and trendy?

That’s just plain stupid.

Let’s see how scary and foreboding I can become….maybe I can shock people, slice up my arms and spend time on Thorazine in the rehab downtown….Oi Vey that gets a big giant whatever!

I choose to be happy in my life, and eternally grateful to the Universe for giving me my life…. I’m an ol’ hippy I can’t help it…..wink

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