Girls just wanna have fun!

girls So these 3…..what to say.

My daughter and her 2 daughters.

One year ago they moved. They moved to Hawaii, and I thought my heart would crack in a million pieces. My daughter and her husband wanted a different life for these 2 girls, I understood. I don’t blame them. Living in an affluent area you see the trappings of wealth all around you. There had been way too many elementary school children coming out to the car pool line with their heads buried into their iphones, or ipads texting.

Texting in 5th grade???? On THEIR iphones???? NO, couldn’t be.

But sadly I see it everywhere, kids with their noses buried in video games, on the phone, etc. And not only is it kids, I see adults walking zombies, they cannot spend a moment alone, in silence. It’s so sad.

I gotta tell you, I was so sad to see them move , they live very close to me, but I will be there soon also. I went to visit, guess what we did? The girls took me to see ancient, hundreds of year old turtles laying in the sand, right across from their house on the beach. Can you imagine laying in the sand and having a conversation with a 200 yr. old turtle ….like that happens everyday? Well for my girls it does.

How amazing for these girls to experience living like this! The world was opening for them and showing what wonders it has to offer. The little one snorkels for hours lost in an underwater fantasy.

No their heads are not buried in video games, they are learning, living and thriving. I love these muchkins, and am so proud of my daughter and her husband for taking a stand. It was really tough for her. She left all of her friends, good friends that meant a lot, but the girls future was the over riding factor. She knew for the sake of her kids she had to do it.  I am so happy, and so incredibly  proud that she is the kind of Mom that she has turned out to become. Putting her fears aside, and stepping out of her box, to make a change for her girls. She cared more about their future than HER own insecurities, or fears…..I cannot tell her how amazing she is. I know how hard it was for her to step out of her comfort zone. It’s a great lesson for all of us. Take a chance, believe in your own strengths, they will see you through anything and everything, if you only give yourself a chance and the credit.


She is the kind of Mom all kids need. She is a nurturer, she is loving, she is a trooper! I couldn’t be more proud a grandma.

I love them so much!


My new collection for Crate and Barrel!!!!!

“Earths Rhythm” for Crate and Barrel stores!

Artist Deb Haugen’s abstract compositions pulse with the rhythm and flux she so keenly observes in nature. In this series of three prints, she explores the passage of time, sectioning life’s processes into dynamic representations of birth, growth and decay. Using sweeping painterly gestures balanced with minutely detailed marks, she creates intriguing worlds that burst forth with creative energy and intricate complexity. Each print of the artist’s original is reproduced as a giclée print on paper, presented under glass in a matte black frame crafted of finger-jointed plantation pine.

cat-earth-rhythms-ii-print collection

cat-earth-rhythms-i-print muck and mirecat-earth-rhythms-ii-printcat-earth-rhythms-iii-print

             Thank You Crate and Barrel…..I love you guys!

                   Your style is the best xxxxxxxDeb

Waikiki Aquarium…

Went to the Waikiki Aquarium. It’s small but very neat. It’s in Kapiolani Park, just like a block over ocean side from the zoo. It’s worth an hour, to cool off and enjoy. These jelly fish were an inspiration to me and my ink drawings.

Did you know that jelly fish come 7 days after a full moon, neither did I. Now I need to find out why.

against the law in Mass.


  • While engaging in sexual intercourse, it is against the law for the woman to be on top.
  • It is against the law for a establishment that serves alcohol to offer specials on drinks containing alcohol.
  • According to the law in the state of Massachusetts, all men are required to take a gun to church every Sunday.
  • Playing the fiddle in Boston is against the law.
  • Eating peanuts in church is against the law in Boston.
  • While on the grounds of the Boston Commons, women are prohibited by law from wearing heels over three inches in height.
  • No citizen residing in Boston, Massachusetts is legally entitled to own more than three dogs.
  • Bullets are not a legal form or currency in Massachusetts although I’m quite sure they’re not legal tender anywhere.
  • Children in Massachusetts are technically legally entitled to smoke although they are not able to legally purchase cigarettes.
  • Any citizen found guilty of defacing a milk carton may be fined up to $10.
  • In Hingham, Massachusetts colored lights on your home are prohibited by law if those lights are visible from main street. White lights are fine. Similarly, any citizen living on Main Street in Hingham must approve colors with the Historical Society before they may paint their house.
  • It is against the law to take a dog onto the commons in Hopkinton, Massachusetts despite the fact that it’s perfectly legal to take horses and cows there.
  • It’s against the law to frighten a pigeon.
  • It’s against the law to go to bed without a bath but it’s also against the law to have a bath without a physician’s permission. Pretty sure neither of those laws are enforced if they are in fact still on the books.
  • It is not only kind of gross to put tomatoes in clam chowder but it’s also against the law in the state of Massachusetts.
  • Selling less than twenty-four ducklings at a time before May 1st is against the law. It is also against the law to sell chicks, ducklings or rabbits that have been artificially colored (dye, paint, stain etc). I support this one entirely.
  • Squirt guns are against the law in Marlboro, Massachusetts. Buying, selling or possessing one is prohibited by law.
  • The mayor of Newton, Massachusetts is required by law to give every family in town a hog.
  • Gorillas are not allowed in the back seats of cars by law in the state of Massachusetts.
  • Reading books or newspapers in the streets after 8:00 pm is against the law in Southbridge, Massachusetts.

Waikiki colors of the ocean….

                                                                                                              This is a collage of some of my organic art, photography and some typography. So fun to do.

I love the wall where these kids are standing, it’s on Kuhio beach. There are large rocks along the water under the water and small bright fish that congregate around the rocks, black crabs scurry along the top of the wall and run when a wave comes in. It’s a whole oter world out there.

Hose off your sofa!

I love these green design alternative furniture pieces. How’d you like to be able to hose off or mow your sofa? I would love to have one of these just to see the look on people’s faces when they saw it. Maybe this is my next task to take on. I could see how you coulb make the sod covered sofa with bales of hay….they soak up moisture so would help the grass. It’s on my “to do” list now!

I want a human nest….

Builder creates human-sized nests

  • by: Staff Writers
  • From: News Limited Network
  • July 10, 2012 7:40
Jayson Fann

Picture: Supplied/Jayson Fann Source: Supplied

Jayson Fann


Picture: Supplied/Jayson Fann Source: Supplied

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IF you’re looking for something unusual on which to spend your nest egg, here’s some cheep housing.

Californian builder Jayson Fann has gone into business creating human-sized nests made from locally harvested wood, which he cuts and spirals together to create these incredible functional art sculptures.

Jayson Fann

Jayson Fann
Kids enjoy one of Fanns amazing creations. Picture: Supplied/Jayson Fann
Source: Supplied

The constructions range from indoor love seats to thirty-person look-outs.

Each construction needs the help of two or three assistants, depending on the size of the project.

The lengthy process begins with stripping branches to ensure no damage is done to the living tree before removing the leaves and twigs.

Jayson Fann

Jayson Fann
The intricate puzzle of branches makes for a tough day at the office for Fann. Picture: Supplied/Jayson Fann
Source: Supplied

The nests are mostly made of eucalyptus for its strength, and each sculpture needs two and a half trailers of wood.

Jayson Fann

Jayson Fann
With a few helpers on hand Fann constructs his newest masterpiece. Picture: Supplied/Jayson Fann
Source: Supplied

The wood is puzzled together to create a spiraling pattern designed for structural integrity and the flowing aesthetic.

Jayson Fann

Jayson Fann
Fann carefully binds the wood together. Picture: Supplied/Jayson Fann
Source: Supplied

By bending the wood and using counter-sunk screws the structure is expected to remain strong and intact for many years.

Jayson Fann

Jayson Fann
The nest is lifted onto its base using a crane. Picture: Supplied/Jayson Fann
Source: Supplied

Finally, a strong base is needed, on which to rest the finished nest. Moving the nests can be the hard part. It requires a crane.

Jayson Fann

Jayson Fann
A bridge and interior matting is made for the comfort and access to the creation. Picture: Supplied/Jayson Fann
Source: Supplied

And what’s the point of having a human-sized nest if you can’t get in. Once the nest is finished, Fann installs an interior matt and ladder for access.

Jayson Fann

Jayson Fann
The comfy interior of one of Fann’s creations. Picture: Supplied/Jayson Fann
Source: Supplied

The custom-made nests can cost anywhere between $4000 to $20,000

Hawaiian home made

There is something so special about Hawaii. It’s all of it, the people, the mis-mash of cultures, each so ripe and intriguing, the plants and animals. I love the country, the air, the vibe and the spirit. Then there’s the food, shrimp from a beat up truck on the North Shore can just be simply divine….sitting under a 100 yr. old banyan tree while the geckos run by, the mynah birds picking at the crumbs on the ground below, hopping along so cute in their little dances. The days in Waikiki, the sirens, people, the lights dangling in the Marketplace, malasadas from Auntie with the purple hair , the band I hear from my lanai singing Hawaiian love songs as the sun sets….I love it all.

Hawaii has a huge hunk of my heart!

Just Jump!

I live like this.

I wait til the last moment, then jump.

It works.

I have immense belief in the Universe.

I have belief that the NET will appear. It usually does. I think a lot of us don’t believe that the net will appear and that’s why it doesn’t appear. It’s the age old story about the Little Engine That Could……he believed it, he was successful. I take steps or actions a lot of people wouldn’t. I believe this allows your spirit to fly, it gives you a sort of freedom to be yourself!

You will succeed.

P.S. This shot was taken in Hawaii. These kids are amazing. Everyday you’ll find them at the cement pier on Kuhio beach at the end of Kapahulu. They have no fear.