It was 1968….




It was 1968, and I really thought that I was Janis Joplin.

Not really, but I had the bracelets, and the battered suede jacket, My best friend Sandy and I use to ditch school on Fridays, load up her old Porsche sleeping bags strapped on the back and head up the coast towards San Francisco. In those days a road trip was easy, it was fun, we weren’t afraid of anything. We were young, adventurous, and hippies!

Wow that Porsche was amazing to drive up highway #1 on the way to Big Sur. We wold stop there and camp for the night. We’d always run into a great group gathered around a booming fire pit and end up singing and laughing half the night away. Those were the days, wow people were friendly. You never had to worry about a gun being pulled on you. I would call my Mom and tell her we were heading out and she’d say have fun girls! We would even give people lifts if they could squeeze in the tiny backseat.

Haight Ashbury was an amazing place. Filled with sites and sounds rich in the kingdom of hippy-dom. There were a ton of characters there in those days. This was the time before the heavy duty drug culture started their rise to the top. It was joy, love, peace and music! Love Ins in the golden gate park every weekend, free warm tea on cold mornings. Incense burned tambourines clanked, people danced in wild abandon. THIS was  what the counter culture had going for it.

The hippy movement of the 60’s is responsible for many things we take for granted today. We were the innovators. There’s so much that wouldn’t exist today if it were not for the talented entrepreneurs of the 60’s….Whole Foods, organic gardening, health food, vitamin awareness, awareness of healthy living, freedom of speech and thoughts, the rights of women, children minorities….the list goes on and on. There would be no legalized marijuana, medicinal or otherwise, there would never have been a same sex marriage. The 60’s opened consciousness, opened minds and opened hearts. It made it o.k. for people to step out of their offices, homes, and schools and protest things that they didn’t like, it gave freedom a whole new voice. Writers started writing freely, artists painted where they had never gone before….

I never felt prouder than walking down Wilshire blvd protesting the war in Vietnam. Working a fundraiser for the woman that started “War is not healthy for children and other living things” dancing all night in Venice suede vest beads and all…..

I hung out at Jim Morrisons place on Venice boardwalk….he use to buy my tie-dyed t-shirts  from The Rose, a conveinent coffee head shop,way before Starbucks was even thought about…Jim always said “Deb, make more colors” haaaaa

Hanging with Robert and Led Zepplin, I loved his hair, oh Michelle what fun we had, wink wink. The parties up in the Hollywood Hills, Rodney Bingamhimer, The Fig parties, driving in the Excaliber down Sunset Blvd. with a loud speaker on the front of the car…Oh My Gosh!

The 60’s were great. Everyone thinks that their time period was the best, they should it’s when we grew up, when we formed our values. It’s what made us the way we are today….

I’m proud to be an ol’ hippy……

Peace and Love…..Deb